Field Sales Executive

Results-driven field sales executive with a knack for building and nurturing client relationships, achieving sales targets, and driving revenue growth in a competitive market.

IoT Engineer (Industrial Automation)

Experienced IoT engineer specializing in industrial automation, with expertise in designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions to optimize operational efficiency and drive digital transformation.

Python Developer Experienced

Seasoned Python developer with a proven track record of developing high-performance applications, leveraging extensive knowledge of Python frameworks and libraries.

Full Stack Developer

Versatile full stack developer proficient in both front-end and back-end technologies, capable of delivering end-to-end web solutions with seamless user experiences.

Python Developer Fresher

Enthusiastic Python developer eager to apply programming skills and contribute to innovative projects as a fresh talent in the industry.

Java Developer

Skilled Java developer with a strong command of object-oriented programming and a passion for creating robust and scalable software solutions.

Business Development Associate (Big Data and Cloud Services)

A dynamic professional adept at leveraging big data and cloud services to drive business growth and forge strategic partnerships.

JD – React JS Developer

“Junior Dev – React JS Developer” involves developing web applications using React JS, offering aspiring developers a valuable opportunity to gain hands-on experience in front-end development.